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Let’s face it, not every hosting environment is the same, even when it comes to how well it will run the exact same website. In fact, they can differ drastically. The major concern when running a large dynamic site is processing power. Since most modern sites are dynamic, running dozens of server-side calls upon each page request, they generally need  much more power than the standard static HTML site. More hassle comes from having to communicate with hosting companies yourself. To make life easier for these situations, we:

  1. Have a process to make moving your existing site as quick and pain free as possible.
  2. Found the best servers for the job.
  3. Handle it all ourselves without putting you through the hassle of contacting third party hosting companies.

Import your existing website into PieCMS

There are many valid reasons for moving to PieCMS. Perhaps you have a website that is running on a design-it-yourself, all in one website provider, but you find that you don’t have sufficient flexibility or control over branding, advertising and features. Perhaps you’re current setup just doesn’t cut it anymore. When a business grows, it often takes on the responsibility to frequently publish to customers or staff. For these reasons and many more, a lot of people are moving to PieCMS. This is where Migration is needed.

How does 1 Pixel do it? Because each situation can be quite different, we handle the gathering of data from your old website (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, ModX, DotNetNuke, Magneto, etc.) on a case by case basis to adjust to your particular situation. Your website style and branding are kept intact as you move to a more user friendly, hassle free solution.

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