Other Services

Besides web design and development, sometimes other services are needed when starting a business. Because we come across these situations often, and we have the expertise, we offer additional services to compliment your site.

Logo design

Our experienced designers communicate and work through revisions to produce a unique and balanced design. All logos are carefully planned to capture your audience, branding and business identity. Upon completion, a neatly packed file is sent via email or Dropbox containing your web and print ready logo files.

  • vector (eps format)
  • ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • jpg
  • png
  • Tiff
  • formats include both dark-on-white, light-on-dark, and transparent versions


Wordpress is a great CMS. We have years of WordPress experience and offer WordPress Design, development and maintenance.

Drupal & Joomla

Drupal and Joomla are both open source CMS platforms and competitors to Wordpress. We offer Drupal or Joomla maintenance, design or development on a case basis.

Static/HTML web sites

These fall under the category of simple web sites that do not run on a CMS foundation. Static web site pages will usually have .html appended the end of the url to indicate that each page corresponds to one file on the file system. What that means is your website is built in the simplest way possible. While this has the advantage of good page load speed, the disadvantage is if you will be writing and updating content on a regular basis or plan on implementing numerous pages, features, E-commerce, or page-templates in the future, your site should be transferred over to a CMS. We do offer maintenance, design and development on these sites as well as Wordpress migration (turning your static HTML site into a Wordpress CMS).


Without good positioning in search engine results, you will lose out on a good portion of traffic to your site. If your users cannot find you, you will lose business. Good SEO adopts to both the client’s usability expectations and the back end details the big engines look for when doing a search. If you have an optimized site, you will have much of an advantage when establishing a web presence.

Web marketing

Wouldn’t you want to be where your customers are? Where your customer spends their spare and leisure time is another opportunity to get your foot in the door. Mobile development, pay per click advertising, keywords, link building, blogging, Google and social media marketing are some ways to make this happen.


This is the subject of monitoring traffic and also obtaining online statistical information about your customer's behaviour within your web site. For example, how often a viewer views each page, what the viewer clicks on most, how long they stay, who visits your site, etc... This will bridge the gap between getting traffic, and getting the right people the correct pages for a good amount of time. All this information can be tracked automatically for you. We can help you set it up. From here we can also make improvements to your existing site, based on the information gathered.

Malware and spam removal

If you are locked out of you own website or find your browser is throwing you security warnings, this may be due to malware or adware injection. Other scenarios include database hijacking and/or harvesters exploiting your blog. We have a number of services to prevent and treat these stressful situations:

  • monthly maintenance plan (bronze)
  • malware removal
  • spam protection (simple or a more robust option)

contact us to inquire about any or all of these services.

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