E Commerce

These days, more people are looking to the web to do their shopping. We’ve had many requests from clients who either have a site that needs E commerce integration, or will need the flexibility to accomodate it in the future.

Fortunately, PieCMS adopts E commerce abilities quite well. Even if a website has not been built with E commerce at the beginning, it can easily be added down the road.

SimpleCart – the plug-in of choice

The demand for cost effective and flexible E commerce has led us to choose SimpleCart as our main workhorse for all online stores we create. It comes automatically with any PieCMS installation (while keeping your site design) and includes abilities for credit card payment via Paypal for clients that have an account or not.

What do most E commerce sites include?

  • product/catalogue showcase
  • shopping cart
  • entry of first 5 products
  • shipping settings
  • product categories & sub-categories
  • product variations
  • paypal checkout
  • more... but that covers the basics

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